How To Use An ORP Meter(Ph Orp Meter)

An ORP meter contains two electrodes. One electrode is generally made of silver, and is surrounded by an electrolyte solution. This probe produces a consistent voltage. That way, Ph Orp Meter can provide a reference to which the other probe can be compared. The other electrode, made of platinum, measures the voltage within the pool. The difference of these measurements is what data is displayed. Since the ph of the water Ph Orp Meter can have an effect on the ORP, a ph analyzer is usually used in conjunction with an ORP meter to make sure the levels are within an adequate range.

Of course, an ORP meter is essential to any public swimming facility. Health standards are very strict at public pools, and those who maintain these facilities must keep the ORP andPh Orp Meter levels at very specific ranges. Failure to do so could result in either a hazardous amount of chemicals in the water, or the growth of invasive plants and bacterias.

PH meter Product Category

In some industries, Ph Orp Meter is grown for various purposes. Algae requires a specific set of conditions to meet the needs of the growers. As a result, an ORP meter can make sure that the conditions are ideal for algae to thrive without the threat of an invasive species.

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