You need to understand the truth about the residential reverse osmosis system.

You need to understand the truth about the residential reverse osmosis system.


This sounds like a good truth, and to some degree it is, but reverse osmosis also removes naturally occurring minerals from your water, such as magnesium, that your body relies on to maintain good health. Nowhere in nature will you find a naturally occurring source mineral-free. This is because living things need these minerals and have come to expect them within the water they drink. R.O. removes a number of chemicals and contaminants, and these reverse osmosis systems also have a carbon filter to remove chemicals not eliminated through R.O., but the cost is the loss of naturally occurring and necessary minerals.


While residential reverse osmosis systems provide you with water that is far superior in quality to tap, the way that you obtain this is at best a very inefficient process. For every gallon of viable water produced by R.O, two to three gallons are disposed of. In addition, the average R.O. system takes an hour to produce a gallon or less in the storage tank. This is far from environmentally friendly, and is economically wasteful as well.


R.O. systems whether residential or otherwise are simply not cost effective. Without taking into account the cost of such a reverse osmosis system, which seems worthwhile when considering the benefits of safer water, the cost to produce clean water with these units is simply expensive. For every gallon produced by these units, the owner can expect to pay on average about twenty to twenty-five cents. While far cheaper than bottled water, there are more effective, cost-efficient, and beneficial systems on the market.


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